Presenting our first Batch

Unique Blend and Heritage: Highlight the special blend of Espadín, Tepeztate, and Chuparrosa agaves used in Mezcal Artefacto. These agaves bring distinct flavors and characteristics, emphasizing the brand's dedication to quality and uniqueness​​.


Ancestral Crafting Techniques: Emphasize the artisanal methods used in the production process. The traditional techniques passed down through generations in Oaxaca, Mexico, contribute to the mezcal's authenticity and rich heritage​​.

Regional Significance: Focus on the origin of the agaves used in Mezcal Artefacto. Each type of agave (Espadín, Tepeztate, Chuparrosa) has its unique growing conditions and timeframes, adding to the mezcal's story and depth. For instance, Espadín takes 5-6 years to grow at elevations of 1000-1950m, Tepeztate takes up to 15 years at elevations of 680-1600m, and Chuparrosa takes up to 20 years at elevations of 800-1800m​​​

Global Reach and Vision: Mention the brand's mission to export the best of Oaxaca's mezcal to the world, particularly to the EU and US. This underlines the brand's commitment to sharing Mexican traditions globally​​.

The Brand's Philosophy: The name 'Artefacto' comes from the Latin words 'arte' and 'factum', meaning "made with art". This could be a central theme in your blog, showcasing the brand's focus on crafting a product that is not just a beverage but a work of art​​.



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